Let’s keep the 2020 in-house cocktail making trend hot. Prepare to up your Espresso Martini game with Mr Black then take the ice cream out and get all appley with Old Kempton Apple Liqueur. Preferring a little night cap? Try the superb Aussie Amaro by Autonomy or finish with Lark’s sublime Tokay release.

Mr Black Coffee Liqueur

Melbourne has the best coffee in the world, so why wouldn’t we have the best coffee liqueur in the world? Pass on the syrupyness of Kahlua and choose local, with a fresh, small-batch liqueur, made from cold-batch Arabica beans delivering the full spectrum of coffee aroma. Cleanness of flavour means that this has now become a leading choice for bartenders worldwide.

Old Kempton Tasmanian Apple Liqueur

If you’re after the taste of Tasmania in a bottle then it would be hard to go past a pure distillation of fresh Tassie apples from legends of the still, Old Kempton. It’s zippy, with great purity of fruit flavour, and a long, delicately sweet finish. Nice by itself or with soda, but also makes a great apple mojito. We’re also reliably informed it’s pretty good over apple sorbet… #trounormand

Autonomy Davo Plum Aperitivo

Transform your spritz game using this celebration of native ingredients, distilled just the other side of the West Gate in Spotswood. Davidson plum is the hero, delivering tart fruitiness, balanced beautifully with ripe Australian oranges and spice from Tasmanian pepperberry. It’s pretty hard to go back to the Italian stuff afterwards.

Lark Tokay Release

Lark’s whiskeys are always an indulgence, but when it soaks up all the richness of ex-Seppeltfield tokay barrels, it becomes seriously decadent. Biscuity malt drowns in notes of vanilla, espresso, and chocolate, with hints of spiced pear and hazelnuts. The finish is long with a delicate waft of peat rounding out this special release.

Distilling yours,