We all miss travelling…so may as well drink our way through all those amazing destinations, but with an Aussie twist! Let’s start with Poor Tom’s Italy, then go to Milawa’s Provence. Discover the incredible Mezcals from Koch. Finish in Spain sipping Manzanilla and dreaming of them Tapas Bars…

Poor Tom’s Imbroglio

It’s time your negronis started getting the love they deserve, and this playful amaro will make you not want to say the C word ever again… The freshness of this bespoke product is striking, with bright bittersweet orange plays host to 25 different fruits and botanicals, creating a blend that uniquely characterises both Australian and traditional Italian influences.

Hurdle Creek Pastis

If you find yourself daydreaming about breezy Provence, as we find ourselves doing on an almost-daily basis, a glass of pastis is the perfect portal. Hurdle Creek’s small-batch iteration is traditionally made, but also includes some native aniseed flavours. There’s nothing more refreshing than a turbid and icy-cold tumbler of Milawa’s finest.

Koch ‘El Ensamble’ Mezcal

We’ve upped our mezcal game in a huge way, and boy was it hard to pick just one to write about this week! This is a blend of a few different agave varieties, which similar to wine bring unique flavour and texture characteristics. Guava and white pepper leap out of the glass, with a creamy, viscous mouthfeel leading into a long, savoury finish with a delicate smokiness. 

Delgato Zuleta ‘La Goya’ Manzanilla  

If Fashion goes around (double denim hello), can we please get Sherry back on the spotlight?! This fresh new batch from Delgato Zuleta is textbook Manzanilla with quintessential aromas and flavours of chamomile, chalk, umami, mushrooms, oyster shelves, yellow apples and apple skins…Transform Port Melbourne into Sanlucar de Barrameda for an evening or two…

Fancying some of these? Pop by the store or email val@decanters.com.au

Distillate regards,