This week we talked about 4 beers for 4 very different moods. Gavin’s favourite juicy beer from Feral, Moo Brew’s experimental Gin x Pilsner, an exciting new Stomping Grounds ‘Into the woods’ and finally, the return of a long time favourite, Sailor’s Grave ‘peach melba’ cream sour. 

Feral Brewing ‘Shooter’s’ Juicy IPA

Shooter McGavin lends his moniker to this beer, with his iconic quote about his morning diet inspiring Feral to make a breakfast beer – juice in flavour, made from real breakfast cereal. However, Feral don’t recommend consuming this beer before 12pm.

Moo Brew x Forty Spotted ‘Boilermaker’ Pilsner Pink Gin

One of Australia’s best craft pilsners (Moo Brew – Tas) marries up with one of Australia’s best pink gins (Forty Spotted – Tas) to create a refreshing lager ramped up with floral botanicals and a touch of juniper and grapefruit. It’s different and opens up to a lot of future home blending experiments!

Stomping Ground ‘Into the Woods’ Cherry Brett Saison

They’ve got one of the best sours programs going around, and this foray into a barrel-aged style hits it out of the park. Tart, funky, and filled to the brim with cherries, you won’t know if you’re in Collingwood or Ghent.

Sailor’s Grave ‘Peach Melba Pavlova’ Cream Sour

This dessert beer is simply heavenly – the peach flavour is bang-on with lashings of cream and texture, gently hopped and gently sour. Devastating in its beautiful simplicity.

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