Amongst the plenty new beers that have arrived at Decanters in the last week or so; we had the difficult task of picking (only) 4 to satisfy our quench. We start with two very distinctive sours from respectively Rocky Ridge and Bad Shepherd. Then we crank the hop with the new Mountain Goat Rare Breed. Finally we smooth the night with a Stout Porter from Loophole.

Rocky Ridge ‘Karl’s date goes Sour’

This can of fizz is pure lemon sherbert for one last warm weather hurrah – a fresh, tart Berliner Weiße base that’s chockers with fresh lemon zest and juice. To share with your date.

Bad Shepherd ‘Pina Colada Sour’ Rum Barrel aged sour

It may seem more of a summery beer but this very serious sour is one we’d happily drink well into the colder months. This Imperial version of the previous beer snuggles up in rum casks for six months to add power and complexity. Winner winner.

Mountain Goat ‘Rare Breed’ Citra v Strata Triple IPA

Mountain Goat’s latest Rare Breed is a head-to-head of single IIIPA | triple IPA cans, with two well-loved hops pushed to the max. Which one will you try? As a wise little girl told us once: why not both?! Grab both Citra IIIPA & Strata IIIPA for a grand tasting battle. *cue the John Cena theme tune*


Loophole ‘Salt Water’ Stout Porter

The combination of masses of roasty dark malt and a touch of saline to clean up the bitterness provides an utterly smashable dark beer experience, with lots of power at 8%. A neat little twist on a really well executed style.


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