This month, and whilst stock lasts, we will be giving away a Plumm N3 crystal premium glass with any 2 bottles purchase of De Bortoli premium single vineyards Riorret and Phi wines.

Lusatia Park

The crown jewel of the Yarra Valley is the Lusatia Park vineyard nestled in Woori Yallock. Some of the oldest Pinot and Chardonnay vines in the valley from some of the richest soil help create truly spectacular wines. 


Single vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The terroir and vineyard speaks for itself. Delicate, complex, delicious.

De Bortoli, 2021

Riorret Chardonnay

Delicious Yarra Chardonnay, complete with all the grilled peaches, toasty brioche, and juicy lemon acidity you can think of. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and drinks remarkably easily for a wine with so much complexity.

Riorret Pinot Noir

Put your lolly water away – this is a scrumptiously savoury Pinot, with cherry and strawberry fruit yielding to an earthy, autumnal midpalate and stalky spice, not to forget a vanillin finish from a judicious use of oak.


PHI is the 21st letter of the Ancient Greek alphabet and symbolises balance, harmony and proportion. In a similar way, the third and fourth generations of the De Bortoli family are working together to create considered Single Vineyard wine that gives proportion to climate, soil and maker”

De Bortoli, 2021

PHI Chardonnay

A wine of exquisite balance – grapefruit perfume and florals leaps out of the glass, while crushed nuts and minerality dance across the palate. It’s structured but remains pristine, with gentle acidity and a creamy texture working in perfect harmony.

PHI Pinot Noir

Again, this wine is all about the perfume, with beautiful floral notes alongside black raspberry readily apparent on the nose. The delicate palate sings of dark fruits, lots of delicious Pinot spice and finishing with a forest-floor savouriness that’s oh so moreish.

PHI Syrah

To complete the lineup, a Syrah from a Heathcote vineyard. Along a similar theme it is a wine of incredible restraint, with the natural richness tamed into an expression of the aromatics – bright black fruit and violets, delicate herbal tannins, and a plush, silky finish.

These wines are true products of undeniable high winegrowing standards carried by the De Bortoli family. Even though these 5 wines are perfectly delectable now, all of them could benefit from further ageing in the cellar.

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