A line-up as varied as Decanters’ music playlists… Starting with a French umami gin that screams Martini by Audemus, then moving to a generous flavour bomb barrel aged gin from local Patient Wolf. We embrace the Apero with a good’old Suze and finish our journey with your new favourite Caithness single malt from Wolfburn. Sante!

Audemus ‘Umami’ Gin

What would happen if you distilled the most savoury gin ever? If you’re a dirty martinis aficionado, look no further. For fans of the Four Pillars Olive Leaf, this is that on steroids, with deep umami notes, a little brininess, plus plenty of lifted aromatics. The ingredients list is pretty bonkers (Google it if you dare) but this powerhouse is the mother of all gutsy gins.

Patient Wolf ‘Rogue’ Barrel Gin

One cask, 250 bottles, and we got 6! Patient Wolf’s aromatic Summer Thyme Gin is married to an ex-Chardonnay, ex-Saison beer barrel for seven months, where it develops a honey and spice note to go with the fresh herbal and citrus complexity of the base gin. This sipper is truly a remarkable drinking experience. 

Suze Aperitif

Suze, or the ‘yellow fairy’ if you will, is a funky fresh aperitif showcasing the French native Gentian root, a familiar ingredient in Aperol and Campari. Suze takes it to a whole new level, being earthy, bitter, and floral all at once, with citrus undertones and a gentle sweetness. It might be slightly esoteric, but it’s seriously jazzy.

Wolfburn ‘Aurora’ Scotch

Located as far north as you can go on the Great British isle, the Wolfburn distillery lay in almost ruins after 150 years’ abandonment when the team got it back up and running. Distilled from the purest water, their single malts are genuine bespoke products made in miniscule batches in a world of mass production. Their Aurora is packed full of flavour at 46%, having matured in ex-Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry barrels.

All of these are available through the store, pop by or email glenn@decanters.com.au to grab some.

Distillate regards,