This week in What’s Decanting we are bringing you on a “worldwine” journey with our curated selection of deliciousness from Aussie and above. Start with a gorgeous Yarra Valley Sparkling Rose from Oakridge, then get some of that bone-shaking German Riesling, later, find the perfect Alkimi with a Grenache before ending at a Spanish Organic fiesta.

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Oakridge Sparkling Rosé 

Start your weekend with a delicious Sparkling Rosé produced by famous Yarra Valley icons; Oakridge. It is quite unusual as it is made from Pinot Meunier grapes. Pinot Meunier (also controversially called ‘Meunier’) is a fabulous varietal often used for Sparkling production (as it shines in Champagne). However, its popularity and usage in still wines production is evergrowing. Victoria has had Pinot Meunier plantings for over a century, and it would be rude not to take advantage!

In regards to Oakridge’s Sparkling Meunier; it is a tale of how the unexpected became expected! A couple of vintages ago, after David Bicknell ended up with some Pinot Meunier grapes unexpectedly, he decided to make his own first Sparkling Rosé. Perhaps he was influenced by the success of other Sparkling Rosé from the Yarra Valley?! Due to its instant success, it is now a constant for Oakridge’s production. Versatile and elegant, it can accompany various occasions and/or food pairing. Our favourite probably being a thick slice of La Parisienne Pate. <3

Schloss Riesling 2015

The stunning slopes of the Mosel river (Germany) provide some of the world’s most iconic Riesling, and the winery attached to the Lieser Castle is no exception. In 2015, winemaker Thomas Haag was awarded the prestigious title of Germany’s Gault & Millau’s Winemaker of the Year, so naturally, we had to have some of the vintage that won him the gong. His Trocken Riesling has that trademark linear acidity but is also bursting with fresh citrus flavours and a quintessential Mosel-minerality (get the tooth mousse plus ready). German labels can be hard to understand yet I, Val, will happily decipher some for you, just excuse the butchering of the German language. Trocken meaning dry, this Riesling will pair beautifully with a raw fish carpaccio or even fish sticks…

Alkimi ‘The Good Earth’ Grenache 2018

I (Val) would lie if I didn’t confess to falling in love at first sip, whilst trying Alkimi’s ‘The Good Earth’ Grenache 2018. Stuart Dudine delivers a sensational Heathcote Grenache with a Southern Rhone vibe. His philosophy favours a more natural approach to winemaking, focusing on using innate acidity, indigenous yeasts and (dare I say) minimal intervention in the winery. 

“My inspiration for making Grenache comes from its challenging nature, and to be a good wine as a stand-alone variety. I strive to capture the fruit and freshness of the variety, which will lead to producing a wine that will not be trying to be something it is not..” (Stuart Dudine, 2020)

Grenache is like the inside of a Cadburry Celebration Box: so many options, so many styles, so many different tastes! And we all have our favourites (get it?!). Sometimes you take a punt and end up with a Turkish Delight sometimes it’s a Milky Way. With Grenache sometimes you get a simplistic expression (basic or even insipid!) and sometimes you get texture, layers of complex notes in a well-crafted masterpiece. The later option defines Alkimi’s The Good Earth Grenache. This is definitively the wine to bring when you have been told not to bring a thing!

“Lifted white pepper and red candied fruit tones are apparent on the nose. There are also floral tones of rosehip oil, wild fennel, pencil shaving and vanilla bean. Macerated strawberry completes what is a complex bouquet.

The palate is soft and mouth coating with macerated strawberry, candied raspberry, caramel and blueberry. Floral notes are also present. The finish shows sarsaparilla-like flavour and it is long and silky.” (Alkimi 2020)

Mesta Tempranillo 2018

At Decanters by the Bay, we always do our best to find wines that will satisfy both our midweek glasses and wallets. Mesta ticks all these boxes and, as we would casually say, is a real: bang for bucks! Being sustainably grown is definitely an added bonus. Mesta comes from Spain and carries a Verdejo, a Rosé, a Garnacha and our little favourite of the lot: a Tempranillo. This unoaked Tempranillo is juicy, vibrant, full of red fruits, dried cooking herbs and a hint of red liquorice! So grab some amigos, get some tapas and make Thursday a fiesta para todo. 

So what will it be? A gorgeous Sparkling Rose, a bone-shaking Riesling, a phenomenal Grenache or an asombroso Tempranillo? As once said by a very clever girl 

“ porque no tenemos los dos?”

Wine regards, VKL