This week’s What’s Distilling gets us in the end of the year spirit! We start with a Scottish smoky treat, then add some spice to our Christmas gin options with Boatrocker. We quickly fly to Santa’s homeland for a unique Rye before devouring Poor Tom’s new ready-to-drink Xmas Negroni. 

Sweetdram Smoked Spiced Rum 

Delicious dry, spiced and perfect for showing off your cocktail making skills at your next gathering. Blend of Guyanan, Jamaican and Bajan rums, it is infused with grains of paradise, chamomile, lime leaves, fennel and cardamom (pretty much an herbal tea isn’t it?). The smoke comes from lapsang and organic figs warm-soaked over oak at the distillery. Delicious!

Boatrocker ‘Feliz Navidad’ Mexican Christmas Gin

Take all of your preconceptions of what a Christmas Gin is and throw them in the bin – in an increasingly noisy world of craft gin, this is far and away one of the most uniquely flavoured distillations we have ever tasted. Cacao beans and coffee get things off to a rich start, with jalapeno providing a gentle warming spice and green freshness. 

Kyro Distillery Juuri Rye Spirit

If you like your rye spirits, you’d better have a go at this one. It’s raw as all hell, untamed by oak, allowing the spicy spirit to shine in all its glory. A cooper-distilled single malt, it has a generous, oily texture, with lots of bready notes, gentle vanilla, a hint of aniseed, and raisins. And it’s from Finland aka Santa’s homeland?! Get outta here! Kippis. 

Poor Tom’s Xmas Negroni

Despite all of our best quarantini work over the last six months, sometimes it’s better to leave things to the experts, and by golly have they delivered here. Poor Tom’s classic Sydney Dry Gin meets Imbroglio Amaro and a pudding-spiced, butter-washed vermouth. Is it as good as it sounds? Pour it straight over ice, garnish with an orange twist, and you’ll find out it’s actually even better.

Something else…

Animus Gin Baubles

You always remember your first time you taste an Animus Gin – at 50%, they’re incredibly full of flavour, with texture like the sun. And what better an occasion than to pour yourself a tipple straight off your own Christmas tree on the morning of the 25th? Choose your fighter: the citrusy, well-balanced Macedon Dry, the fresh, floral and herbal Arboretum, or the powerful, spicy, SouthEast Asian-inspired Ambrosian. And they’re so pretty!

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