Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2009

In our best Kath & Kim impersonation: It’s Woyne Toyme! And what better ways to celebrate the start of the season than a bottle of Chaympaygne?! (now I’m clearly banned from ever re-entering France)

Great vintage from Heidsieck; with complex notes of freshly baked brioche, roasted nuts, crunchy croissant and golden apple.


Sorrenberg Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2018

It takes an awesome producer and/or a great somm to make us drink Sauvignon Blanc.. But as per usual, Sorrenberg delivers an awesome drop that will delight even the Sav sceptics. Mixed citrus with a touch of golden kiwifruit and subtle herbal characters. Tight palate with minerality and dainty grapefruit. 

Powell & Son Roussane Marsanne 2017

In the likes of great Hermitage Blancs from Rhone’s iconic Northern Valley; the aim is a generous yet mineral wine with lower acidity and high phenolic content providing a rich palate and phenomenal mouthfeel.

Sure, you can enjoy it in all its bright youth or you can put it down (cork) for a few years to further its structure and complexity.

Perez Cruz Cot 2015

Call me Cot, call me Malbec, call me “impress your friends this weekend”.

Coming all the way from the fruitful Maipo Valley in Chile, we are loving this limited edition! Brooding fruits and slight roughness (aromas of Chinese spices and bacon) makes this example of Cot quite distinctive. Closer to its Bordeaux ancestors than the prettier examples from Argentina. A must try! Especially with a chargrilled dinner.