Young and free … Froth and beardie … 

What’s not to like ?!

When Richard Adamson & Oscar McMahon met over a beer (or 5), they got to talk about their mutual love for beer, beards and how Sydney’s scene was/is behind (Melbourne Dig; we had to)

Young Henrys is the 7-year-old love child of a brewer and an hospo worker. They combined their force and hard work to create some unique NSW froths. 

Rebel with a heart of gold: the crew aspires to reduce their environmental impact in terms of brewing, packaging and distributing.

They even donate their used grains to local farms to feed the cattle… Happy Cows! 

“Ah, good ol’ trustworthy beer. My love for you will never die.”

Collaboration with Canadian Collective Arts


Malts composition of Pale, Rye, Light Crystal and Chocolate Rye with Wattleseed in the whirlpool.

Hops: Azacca, Galaxy, Citra and new varietal ‘016’. We cannot wait to try this one !


This 6% Oz/American style IPA is dangerously sessionable, it has a slight hazy golden hue, balanced bitterness and a refreshingly dry finish. Massive tropical/citrus dry hop character brings it home. Now available on your favourite pub taps and bottle shops shelves all year round.

Stayer Mid

Soft stone fruit and lychee hop aroma, bright golden body, super refreshing with a slightly bitter finish. It’s a gentle beer for gentle people who care about having a good time whilst ensuring that their good time doesn’t ruin the good time of others.

Natural Lager

hops, malt, water and yeast; unfiltered.

Because of that, our version has a hazy golden appearance that makes it different from most other lagers. The three varieties of noble Australian hops we add give off a subtle citrus aroma and provide very light bitterness. With a gentle, dry finish the Natural Lager is an easy drinking beer that’s best enjoyed cold when the weather’s hot


Pix and tasting notes courtesy of Young Henrys ©