Welcome back to What’s Decanting; your weekly recommendation according to what we have been drinking and receiving this week. A Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula (Even Keel) that converted a non-believer, a Pét’Nat from Tassie (Ghost Rock “Supernatural”) so fresh you can hear the berry scream, a gimme more Chardonnay from the legend at Ocean Eight and a new French Rosé (Léa Rocks) from Provence.

Ghost Rock “Supernatural” Pét’Nat Rosé 2019

What do you bring when they say not to bring anything at all? A Pét’Nat of course. Definitely a hip and fun conversation starter, this type of “natural” sparkling wines has conquered everyone: from the drinkers to the makers! This friendly example comes from Ghost Rock under their Supernatural label; a gorgeous Chardonnay (80%) and Pinot Noir (20%) 2019 blend. This big juiced up drop is a fruity embrace that will leave you in strawberry lalaland. (oops here’s Nikki Webster again). 

Ocean Eight “Verve” Chardonnay 2016

When we met Mike Aylward, the 2011 Young Gun of Wines from Ocean Eight, we tried to be objective. In context; Mike is Mr. Perfect: vinifies great wines, has a genuine big smile, great taste in music and most importantly brought us wines to try. Blame it on the moon or Valentine’s day, we fell in love with his range. It was hard to select only one for today’s recommendation but the “Verve” Chardonnay demonstrated a lot of promises. First, it is a leaner style than Ocean Eight’s regular Chardonnay, very much about the second glass indeed. Secondly, it appeals to different Chardonnay lovers and finally, it’s exquisite! 

Ocean Eight "Verve" Chardonnay

Léa Rocks Rosé 2018

It would not be a great What’s Decanting without a Rosé!

When we get presented with a new French Rosé we just can’t resist! Extra Dry, sharp tangy red berries, lemony; it has depth, structure and an obvious complexity. We think it does rock and Léa Rouyet from Château Roquefeuille did an amazing job there. Perfect with a summer grilled peach salad, some prosciutto and some sun (baby come back…).

Even Keel Pinot Noir 2018

This may have been mentioned a couple of times already but Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir is divisive amongst the DecanTeam. We cannot define Even Keel Pinot Noir as a basic example from the region; it is a real Shrek wine with many layers… Yes, you do get some vibrant primary red fruits notes with a big cherry profile, but also some savouriness, earthiness and an intriguing Italian Blood Orange Bitter element!  

For the next two weeks, if you want your share of Ghost Rock Pét’Nat, Ocean Eight Verve Chardonnay, Léa Rocks Rosé and/or Even Keel Pinot Noir click here!

See you next week for a new episode of What’s Decanting.

Wine regards, VKL