This week in What’s Brewing we are welcoming a great core IPA from Fury & Son, a fully disclosed limited Hazy Session IPA from Quiet Deeds, a strawberry Berliner Weisse from Mismatch Brewing, a post-work drink from MrBanks and a new edition of Sailor’s Grave Lemon Meringue Sour!

Fury & Son IPA

Citra, Calipso, and Chinook for almost an all American hop line-up IPA. Big extroverted orange citrus, pine, tropical and grass aromas & flavors completed with a shy yet present caramel malt base. Absolute banger IPA from Fury & Son, the brewery to keep an eye on. 

Quiet Deeds “Full disclosure” Hazy Session IPA

“Full Disclosure” is the 3rd out of 5 limited releases from the annoyingly great Deeds Brewing. They are the Hermione Granger of hazys…German and American hops used for this Hazy session IPA, giving citrus and white wine notes! (Think NZ Savy B). 

Mismatch Brewing Strawberry Berliner Weisse

Nikki Webster approved, this is a clever flavoursome brew we wish we could put in our lunchbox.

Cuz nothing’s as sweet. The taste still drives me crazy.

MrBanks “Business Ethics” Triple Fruited Gose

Now let me bring you to a journey. Think back to your uni day, doing your business degree and back when making punch in a Kmart 15L tub was all the rage… Now put a Melbourne brew Sour twist on it and shazam here’s of a cup of tangy sour summer punch, served in a salted cup. Raspberry, Blueberry, peach… it is triple-fruited and it’s delicious. 

Sailors Grave Lemon Meringue Cream Sour

New edition of Sailors Grave’s famous Lemon Meringue. A kettle Sour brewed with bijillions of local lemons, yummy vanilla and big lactose to give your nonna’s lemon tart some serious competition.

See you next week for more What’s Brewing

Frothy greetings, VKL