More Gins and Gin”ish”; You asked for it and we delivered. A whole new range made in small batches by an independent distillery in Somerville, Mornington Peninsula. Popular for their regular gins, they recently launched a new range called ginfusion, which we cannot wait to try!

Original Spirits Co.

The amazing Rebecca will be pouring Friday

Award-Winning – Classic Dry Gin

This is a modern Australian gin, yet, it certainly doesn’t mean shy away from a liberal dose of juniper. Seven other native botanicals team up with the classic coriander seed to create a citrus-forward gin that is fresh and floral. Use it with tonic or in your favourite cocktail.


End summer on a high with the Ginfusion range. The Original Spirits Co. take their award-winning Classic Dry Gin and blend it with fresh Australian ingredients to create the perfect tipple for under the sun! A splash of tonic or soda brings them to life. All Gluten free and only sweetened by the natural sugars present in the fruits.

Blood Orange & Japanese Yuzu

This deliciousness is made using a blend of Aussie blood oranges, exotic Japanese Yuzu and Original Spirits co. Classic dry Gin. With its tart, sweet and tangy notes; this GinFusion is recommended mixed with soda water and a sprinkle of sea-salt, garnished with a twig of rosemary and a blood orange slice. 

Of course, when we say soda water we really mean Prosecco…

Country Rhubarb & Ginger

This one has to be our favourite (shh)…. Australian ginger and Rhubarb are macerated and steeped with Original Spirits Co’s Classic dry Gin in a copper still prior bottling. Beautifully aromatic and spicy: it is perfect for a Modern-day hot toddy, or on the rocks depending on the time of the day! #melbourneweather. You can garnish it with some fresh sliced apples; Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady… What will it be?!

Summer Peach & Passionfruit

Made with locally sourced peach and passionfruit, this is Original Spirits Co. take on a peach Bellini revival! Just add bubbles or soda water and you are set for Sunday brunch! This makes a bright, fruity, fresh and moorish cocktail. Half a passion fruit and pop it in as a fun garnish; it’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual. 

Original Spirits Co.

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