This week; we are all about blending styles! A (literal) Beer blender from Urbanaut, a Hazy Pale from Nomad, a Yuzued take on Garage Project’s Pernicious Weed and finally a Gluten-Free Red Ale.

Urbanaut ‘Beer Blender’ Series – Sour vs Saison

Even though we have already confessed our love for the Urbanaut ‘Beer Blender’ series in a previous post, we couldn’t resist talking about the new release. A Rhubarb Saison, an apple crumble sour; delicious by themselves and grand when mixed together. A fun, new way to enjoy craft beer!

Nomad ‘Rollin Haze’ Hazy Pale Ale

In this world of Hazy IPA and NEIPA, sometimes hazy Pale Ale gets brewed unnoticed. Nomad brings it back, in full strength (or 4.6%), with a delicious take on a Hazy Pale Ale. This hazy brew is a perfect mix of both East Coast and West Coast styles; giving both tropical and dankness overloads.

Garage Project Pernicious Yuzu

A new batch of the Pernicious Yuzu is the type of great news 2020 needs. Discover a burst of fruit in your beloved Pernicious Weed. And, it’s in a large format can *hallelujah*!

Two Bays ‘Red Rocks’ Red Ale

As more breweries are diving into Gluten-Free brews, the quality and choices are expanding. Gluten intolerants rejoice; finally, you’ll be able to crack a decent one and lose those bland watery grainy flavoured excuses of a beer! Mornington Peninsula brewery Two Bays is absolutely nailing the brews, making Gluten-Free beers using old grains and it has conquered many drinkers, intolerants or not! The Red Rocks is their latest venture, a Red Ale with delicious malty caramel notes.

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