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Black Heart Brewing ‘Forager’s Drops’

“You can’t have a 10.2% Russian Imperial Stout by 40C” Watch me.

La Sirene ‘Rose Wild Ale’

A Wild Ale with some Cabernet Sauvignon juice from the Yarra Valley Rose maker Dominique Portet. Great getaway beer for your wino mates.

Stone & Wood Counter Culture ‘REINVIGAM8’

Literally our train of thoughts when we opened the case of the new Counter Culture

“Pwetty…oh…what de….So…I mean…2.7%…righto….orange peel and orange juice?”

Well, you can’t judge until you try!

Pirate Life ‘Acai & Passionfruit’

Ahoy! Pirate Life has a new release; an Acai & Passionfruit sour haters gonna hate.

Mismatch Brewing ‘Not Your average Plum Gose’

Did you know that plums are

  • Antioxidant 
  • Treat Obesity
  • Control Diabetes
  • Prevent Osteoporosis

Surely my doctor won’t mind…