If there is one thing positive to take away from the whole COVID crisis: more time at home = more time to try craft beers! This week we got (again) lots of new beers and consequently, it was hard to only select four! One thing for sure these four breweries have nailed these new beers. Garage Project large format is a decadent limited edition sour. One Drop Brewing has graced us again with a lactose packed kettle sour on Nitro (I know). Quiet Deeds will warm our hearts with a Peanut Butter Imperial Stout. Finally, Tallboy & Moose enlight us on a pink Grisette!

Garage Project Omne Trium Perfectum – 3rd

This OTP is the third release of 750ml sour made by the iconic Garage Project. This Kiwi brew is a cherry-infused sour aged in bourbon barrels before being spiked with a shot of Crocky’s Cold Brew coffee. Trinity of goodness. Amen.

One Drop Brewing Tropical Smoothie Sour

So you think you know lactose?

This has more lactose than most milks used in Melbourne cafes. It is big in flavour, big in texture and you’ll need a big glass to pour it in as this 440ml baby has been canned on Nitro.

Quiet Deeds “Dark Deeds”

Bring on the straws because this peanut butter Imperial Stout is, as the young kids say on the Internet “thicc”. Nice chocolate & hazelnut notes balancing the peanut butter flavours. Pairs well with a cheeky jam lamington.

Tallboy & Moose “Pinkest Pink”

This new release of Tallboy & Moose is a Grisette with pink peppercorn & hibiscus. This results in a floral and spicy intriguing beer we loved to discover.

Frothy regards,