A weekly beers selection as random as watching 3hours of log burning videos. A German Kristal beer, a trendy IPA from Black Hops, the return of the Dude from Hargreaves Hill, and finally, get saucy with the new Squeak. 

4 beers 4 moods

Erdinger Kristalweißbier

In a parallel universe, yours truly is probably sitting in a beer hall in Munich celebrating the world’s largest beer festival…

To stay in the spirit, this week I’m drinking a Kristallweizen – the typical German wheat beer, but filtered for a crisp, clean finish and easy drinking in the warm weather.

Hargreaves Hill ‘White Russian’

The stout that isn’t? Taste it from the can and you’ll be thinking of a thick, toasty coffee stout. Pouring it into a glass reveals its albino appearance, with the creamy coffee flavour nailing the brief of a White Russian. Drink up dude!

Sauce Brewing ‘Mango Squeak’

Last time we had the Sauce Bubble and Squeak NEIPA in, it flew off the shelves – I wonder what will happen this time now that they’ve added a drum full of mango puree? We won’t bother with too much of a tasting note for this one – it’s exactly as fruity as you’d expect. Go troppo!

Black Hops ‘Flash Bang’ IPA

Will this become the it-style IPA of summer? A witbier base, with its beautifully complex yeasty characteristics, is then given the full hoppy treatment, with a combination of orange, pine, and papaya notes.

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Frothy yours,