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Bridge Road Brewery Fruit Salad Gose

Fruit Salad yummy yummy…

It may be a traditional German-based gose yet the tropicalness of it is making us travel to some warm islands; banana, passionfruit, how exotic!

Bridge Road Brewery Mayday Hills Lime + Cucumber

Mayday mayday New Mayday out! You remember their delicious Elderflower Mayday? or the Rhubarb perhaps?! We cannot wait to try this new release of Mayday lime and cucumber: sounds too refreshing to be true.

Batch Vapour Trails

Cherry Vanilla Wheat Ale <3 with its beautiful fuschia colour. 

Tallboy & Moose Zing Tang

Finally, another can release from the funky kids of Tallboy & Moose. This time a Kettle Sour brewed with Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass.