You’d be crazy to start brewing beer if you didn’t enjoy it, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a brewery who love their jobs more than Rocky Ridge. They have a philosophy of sustainability and generosity, and a ruthless drive for self-improvement and learning.

The dedication to the craft extends beyond just brewing the beer. They are so fiercely loyal that they source all of the ingredients as close to home as they can – from using the rainwater they collect as a base, local barley – they even flex their family’s farming background and grow their own hops. You can’t get much fresher than that! 

(plus they have a super cute Brewery dog)

On tasting tomorrow with Trent:

Session Ale

‘Session’ for these guys still means 4.6%, so no flavour is compromised… It pours pale, with bready malt supporting passionfruit and citrus hop notes, finishing clean and bitter.

Ace Pale Ale

Is this an IPA in disguise? It’s a burnt orange colour with the malt ramped up, with a long tropical stonefruit punch. Like all good things, it’s named after an ace dog.

Experimental West Coast IPA

Without a doubt, a West Coast IPA with the huge hit of dank resin you’d expect, but has the creaminess and a hint of peach and mango of a day trip to Vermont.

Peach Invasion NEIPA

The haze factor is only mild but this number has peaches and cream like nothing else. 40 kilograms of nectar are thrown into the fermenter alongside a fair whack of hops. 

Dank Side of the Moon Black IPA

Roasted chocolate and coffee flavours make for a bold, dark malt profile. Any sweetness is then eliminated by the grassy citrus of the resinous hops. 

Holy S**t it’s a mild !

So new you can still hear the Kiwi screaming. It’s a fruit gose to delect on a sunny day


Pix courtesy of Rocky Ridge ©