For some of us that don’t excel in the art of cocktail making and/or simply run out of time/patience/will, Monday Distillery has released some delicious ready to drink cocktails.

With their ultra-practical packaging and flavoursome recipes we succumbed to this new range marketed as “good for Body & Soul”. Sugar-free, Gluten Free with no artificial additives or flavours; it is almost too good to be true! 

Classic G&T 

G&T inspired mix with rosemary, sea salt, lemon, lime, quinine etc.: which is not only really close to the real deal but also a frankly refreshing quaffer. 

Dark & Stormy

How can one resist the dark & stormy call? For this spicy decadent concoction, Monday distillery blends fiery ginger, lime and a spiced-oaked rum flavours to make your tastebuds travel to exotic locations.


Refreshing grapefruit soda blended with passionfruit, finger lime, yuzu and non-alc tequila. Would be a cliche if we started talking about stuffing our faces with TexMex and blasting Ricky Martins. But here we are. 


Grab yours now in-store.

Soberly yours


Tasting notes & pictures credit to Monday Distillery©