Gavin may not be French but with that charming smile, we reckon he should… Let him bring you on a romantic journey this Valentine’s Day.

Les Peyrautins – Pays D’Oc

While many Australians have been known to bite their thumbs at old world wines over the years, the world of wine has reached an inspired equilibrium where some Aussie drops are shining on the world stage, and some traditionally hard-to-approach wines aren’t taking themselves too seriously anymore….
Who has inspired who you may ask?!

The Les Peyrautins range remains a wonderful example of the latter – who would’ve thought twenty years ago that you’d be able to buy a quality French wine for less than $20? The range nails the brief, with rich flavoursome wines for every night of the week, without sacrificing any of that characteristics old-world charm. The fruit comes from the southernmost part of France along the coast. The warmth of the region generates a riper fruit; creating fuller-bodied wines, while the cool, salty Mediterranean sea breeze assists maximum flavour development and retain natural pleasant acidity.


Yet another delicate, aromatic number to join the all-star French Rosé line-up at Decanters (We are maybe a bit obsessed with Rosé). The dominant use of Grenache lends a pretty “Gourmand” nose, with notes of bright raspberry and grapefruit. It’s bone dry with cracking acidity, without sacrificing on the mouthwatering strawberry and redcurrant flavours persisting on a bewitching long finish.


This wine gets all the love and attention that good Chardonnay needs. The parcels are split between stainless steel tanks for freshness and French oak for complexity. Regular lees stirring builds texture and body for those, like Mika, fans of a larger style. However, it doesn’t lose any freshness, with crisp green apple on the nose and juicy citrus mid-palate, stealing the show..

Pinot Noir

“I can’t believe it’s not Mornington!” (JM) This Pinot is the real deal, with all the raspberry and cherry we know and love, alongside smoke and spice which provide a delicate savouriness. It’s juicy and silky at the same time, but still undoubtedly French. Vive la révolution!

Syrah Grenache

A well made red that marries full-flavour with easy summer drinkability. Medium-bodied, with a nose full of red berries. On the palate, Syrah provides rich dark fruits, licorice and pepper, lightened up by the brightness of the Grenache. A velvety wine that pairs perfectly with that box of choccies you secretly bought.

And now: For all the Romantics out There!

Some may say it’s “clichéd”, but there’s a reason why sparkling is a Valentine’s Day favourite. In case of doubt ask Val in-store…

Rivarose Provence Brut Rose NV

Sparkling from Provence – who knew? Yet this beautifully-packaged wine is everything great about Provence rose, now with bubbles! Super dry with a gorgeous bead, this wine is all about fabulous fleshy fresh fruit flavours. Syrah and Grenache are the power couple here, delivering red berries and currants aplenty with lush pink grapefruit and sweet spices on the finish. Say I do!

Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve Champagne NV

For those truly out to impress with keeping some spare budget for flowers and cake; this is the wine for you. It blows some of the other more well-known Champagnes Houses out of the water for quality and value for money (we’re looking at you, orange widow). It sits nicely in the middle zone of Champagne styles, with a floral nose and pear, toasted nuts and a hint of brioche on the palate. Congratulations, you’ve just won VDAY.

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