“Capturing the harmony between carefree beach life and urban sophistication for which Manly is renowned, founders David, Vanessa and the Manly Spirits Co. team create Australian Gins, Botanical Vodkas and Whiskies that rival the best in the world taking much of their inspiration from the stunning surrounding marine environment of the New South Wales coastline” (Manly Spirits, 2020).

As innovative Aussies, the Manly Spirits Co. team strives to keep things interesting and are always experimenting with new flavours, equipment and techniques to ensure they craft distinctly Australian premium spirits. Collaboration with renowned forager and chef, Elijah Holland, to sustainably source local marine botanicals for distillation in their white spirits is one example of this.

Friday night we are welcoming the lovely Erika to showcase a selection of Manly Spirits’ unique Aussie Spirits. Their extensive range revolves around the uses of Australian native botanicals and is presented in stunning (reusable) bottles.

On tasting Friday 13th March

Marine Botanical Vodka

The Marine Botanical Vodka is Inspired by sunrise swims through the crystal-clear waters of Manly’s famous maritime sanctuary. It is distilled using Manly Spirits’ gorgeous copper pot stills and sustainably foraged Australian native marine botanicals. The addition of botanical contributes to savoury, sea air notes on the nose, balanced with gentle umami flavours on the palate.


Lilly Pilly Pink Gin

In the making of this pink gin, Manly Spirits uses unique botanicals: Lilly Pilly, Riberry, Native Limes, Raspberry, Rosella, Blood Orange, Sea Fig and Nasturium Flowers. It tastes as amazing as it sounds. Serve it with a dash of light tonic, fresh raspberry, a slice of grapefruit and an edible flower (oh so Melbourne!)


Manly Spirits’ Limoncello is made using carefully selected large lemons with highly aromatic peels from an orchard on the central coast, north of Sydney. Lemons are hand peeled, to avoid the bitter pith. Ask your nonna, but good Limoncello takes time to craft: you cannot rush the process! Peels are infused (slowly) into a smooth grain spirit. To Australianise it, they added a distillate of Lemon aspen and lemon myrtle to it.

Coffee Liqueur

“Cold Brew Coffee liqueur is a “sassy” bittersweet complex character with an exquisite smooth dark side to be devoured. Using sustainably and responsibly sourced beans, distilled native botanicals, sea minerals infused into their smooth wheat vodka this coffee liqueur is for all those who respect coffee! Inspired by early morning surfs off the ‘Bower break’ where you can just be at one with marine nature finishing with adrenalin hit from a good short black espresso to start the perfect day.” (Manly Spirits, 2020)

See you Friday 5pm start!


Images and tasting notes courtesy of Manly Spirits©