This week we are truly embarrassing the Christmas Spirit with 4 themed beers from Red Hill Brewery and Bridge Road Brewers.






Red Hill Brewery ‘Christmas Haze’ White Spiced IPA

How do you get Christmas spices into a beer if you don’t want to make another dark? The ingenious answer was a Belgian-style white IPA. It’s yeast driven, with stacks of yummy esters, with the spice blend working perfectly with the orange and coriander notes of the base beer, plus heaps of citrussy hops to keep the party going.

Red Hill Brewery Christmas Abbey Ale

And its twin – the much more traditional abbey-style Belgian Christmas Ale. It’s remarkably easy to drink given the punch it packs, with lots of warming caramel malt doing its thing. Flavours of toffee, marzipan, and a hint of spice leap out of the glass – this beer is absolutely perfect for pud o’clock.

Bridge Road ‘Magical Christmas Unicorn’ Vanilla Ice Cream Ale

Their annual Christmas beer is always a winner – and it tastes just like vanilla ice cream. Now, for the first time, it finds a new home in a can, and is pumped up with nitro for an extra creamy finish. If you close your eyes, you can taste the unicorn essence they’ve added for an extra kick.

Bridge Road ‘Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack’ Red IPA

It’s the Red IPA that’s so good we drink it all year round. The name and the label make it no secret that this is a Christmas beer though. It’s a combination of the rich toffee malt we know and love in a Christmas beer, but aggressively hopped with tropical Aussie hops for perfect summer drinking. 

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