This week in What’s Brewing, Birthday boy takes you on a flavour-packed adventure. Starting with WA Otherside’s India Helles Lager and Rocky Ridge’s Imperial NEIPA after a quick pit stop by Cheltenham’s Bad Shepherd for their new sour, we finish with a WA Hong Kong Neapolitan Ice Cream made by Gweilo.

Otherside Brewing ‘Feedback’ India Helles Lager

Whoever it was that invented the beer style must be shy – they deserve to be basking in glory. A clean, crisp, yet full-bodied base of lager malt and yeast provides the perfect backdrop for a bright expression of hops. It straddles styles with a mix of tropical fruit and dank resinous notes, with awesome drinkability. A four-pack of these deserved an absolute paddlin’.

Rocky Ridge Brewing ‘Rock Juice’ Imperial NEIPA

It’s the beer that is equal parts organic and orgasmic – the seventh iteration of this limited release pulls no punches and is so thick it is almost a solid. Rock Juice sits in the highest echelons of Imperial NEIPAs in Aussie beer , but it’s made in such small quantities we won’t blame you if you haven’t heard of it before. If you try it, you’ll never forget it.

Bad Shepherd Lime & Pomegranate Sour

We can’t help but feel sorry for whoever’s job it was to try to get all of the pomegranate seeds required for this beer out of the pith, but we are very grateful for their efforts. A hint of lime brings it to life in a gorgeously refreshing kettle sour. It’s oh-so-easy and pours a beautiful fuscia – the perfect beer to get you feeling in the pink.

Gweilo ‘Neapolitan Icecream’ Sour

We usually try to share the love around in this blog but it’s not my fault that Gweilo have brought out two spot-on sours in a row. Some icecream sours are much more icecream than sour – this one packs a decent punch. The chocolate is there, the vanilla is there, the strawberry is there – it’s finally time to rewrite those cursed childhood memories of everyone eating all of the best flavour and leaving all of the worst flavour. For the record, I’d wed vanilla, bed chocolate, and behead strawberry.

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