This week’s What’s Brewing, will quench your thirst, with a delicious new limited Hazy from Modus, a classic style Draught from Deeds, a Spring perfection from Bonehead and finally some new hoppiness from Hargreaves Hill. 

Modus ‘Hazy #07’ – Mixed Berry Smoothie

They pulled of cherry-coconut, they nailed apricot, and now they’ve executed a mixed berry flavoured hazy IPA to perfection. The seventh in a lineup of experimental hazies, alongside experimental hops Mystic and Huell, which lend a delicate but definitive melon flavour on the back end.

Deeds Brewing Draught

With all the crazy stuff that comes through our doors, it’d take a pretty well-made lager to make our list. But on Saturday, with warmth and sunshine teeming through the front doors, it was a can of Deeds Draught that Jack and Mack were looking forward to most at knock-off. A beautiful malt character gives into a refreshing bitterness, with old-world hops bringing a hint of mandarin and spice.

Bonehead Brewing ‘Springtime Iced Tea Sour’

Why not make this your first iced tea of the season? A Berliner Weiße base lends a delicate tartness, while a complex blend of hops, nectarine, peach, and cascara (the earthy-tasting berry from the coffee plant) create a perfectly refreshing blend reminiscent of the quintessential warm-weather drink. 

Hargreaves Hill ‘Pursuit of Hoppiness #06’ – Single Hop Galaxy IPA

And now to Hargreaves’ experimental small-batch IPAs – and this time around they’re highlighting the Galaxy hop in all its glory. Whether this hop put the Stone & Wood Pacific Ale on the map or the other way round is the ultimate chicken-and-egg conundrum – nevertheless, this humble indigenous varietal is now firmly embedded in the Australian brewing scene. As you’d expect, this beer tastes like pure summer – passionfruit, pineapple, citrus, peach. 

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