This week’s beers selection made us drool all over the keyboard! Take it easy with Burnley, then go on a space trip with Epic, see double with Wolf of the Willows and finish with a trippy white stout from Gwei.Lo.

Burnley Brewing ‘Take it Ezaa’ Mango Pineapple Lager

Two notoriously hard fruit flavours to pull off in a beer, but Burley have nailed them in an easy-as lager that is begging to become a summer staple. Our tasting note: it tastes like mango as pineapple. What more could you want?

Epic ‘Space Joose’ Hazy IPA

Sometimes we wonder how long it takes breweries to come up with the names for some of their beers (maybe it’s the Infinite Monkey Theorem at work?). But what other name could possibly be appropriate for a juicy Hazy IPA starring Galaxy and Comet hops? It’s as epically turbid and fruity as you’d expect, with a nice line of bitterness. Get it while it’s fresh!

Wolf of the Willows ‘Double Vision’ Hazy DIPA

Someone has finally made a beer that tastes like the cool side of the pillow – soft and fluffy, creamy and rich through the addition of an unconscionable amount of oats, double dry-hopped with notes of zingy lime and grapefruit, and a long mango and passionfruit finish. The most exciting double since the double rainbow.

Gweilo Brewing Cocodamia Golden Stout

Have a go at this white stout to fulfil your pastry beer cravings over the next few months – despite pouring blonde, it has a roastiness that plays perfect foil to the rich toasty coconut and buttery macadamia, finishing with a hint of chocolate. Slurp.

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