The Mornington Peninsula has long been known as a wine destination, but it is recently exploding as a beer hub too. That’s in no small part due to Mr Banks, who has been brewing out of their Seaford home since 2016. The relatively new kids on the block have now become synonymous with everything the craft beer industry is about.

That can mostly be put down to brewer and owner Chris Farmer’s philosophy. His deep love and obsession for all things beer and brewing drove him to take up the craft full-time, with a firm belief in fresh, full-flavoured beer brewed with the best ingredients. His desire to share his love of great beer with the community has seen him graduate both the garage where his dream started, as well as their original Seaford site, where they just couldn’t keep up with the exponential demand, as the hop-forward beers in the eye-catching, brightly-coloured cans took off everywhere. Their core range has always been supported by seasonal releases that are the result of Chris’ curiosity and experimental genius. which somehow never fail to be absolute winners. 

Oh, and who is Mr Banks you ask? Like many great breweries, they’ve taken their inspiration from the family dog Banks, named after the Mighty Ducks’ star player, Adam Banks. Now that’s something we here at Decanters can get behind.

Have your cake and eat it too here.

Tomorrow on tasting with Morgan

Extra Pale Ale

The t-word gets thrown around beer circles a lot, but this beer delivers all the tropical flavours we love. Super fruity, with a pale, lean malt body to keep things sessionable.

West Coast IPA

Dry and fruity, slightly hazy and with similar hop flavours to the XPA, but slightly feistier with the dank and resin ramped up.

Oatmeal Stout

Soft and thick, and showing great balance with both coffee and roasty bitterness, as well as fudge and caramel notes. 

Raspberry Parfait

Dessert sour might be our new favourite thing – this kettle-soured number is tart and creamy with the addition of lactose, a veritable truckload of raspberries, and a kiss of vanilla. 


Pix courtesy of Mr Banks Brewing Co ©