Our famous bi-yearly stocktake sale is back!

From June 1st to June 30th, find up to 50% off on selected items! This sale will be available all month or until stock sells out. No lists, just pop in and load your basket with great goodies from around the world.

Why is our stocktake sale so awesome?

  • You can replace that fancy Riedel decanter you broke last week without breaking the bank
  • You just got yourselves a great reason to re-stock the fridges and shelves
  • It provides motivation to start a collection for the cellar
  • It gives an excuse for coming to the shop to admire our labels OCD style
  • You can finally try that funky Italian you have been looking at for weeks
  • Champagne, now

So come by and help us clear the shelves!

Counting is a drag so please help us…