This week we fully and truly embrace Spring with a versatile selection to freshen the hot days and warm the cooler nights. An experiment from WA, a big nut from Canberra, a smooth sour from NSW and finally a dessert beer from our friendly Neighbours in NZ.

Otherside Brewing Co ‘Experimental’ DDH Sabro Oat Cream IPA

Sabro is the ‘it’ hop of 2020, included in just about every limited release we’ve seen this year, due to the coconut note it adds to round out a juicy, tropical IPA. Here it stands alone in all its glory, with coconut, citrus, and a slight mint note wrapped up in a fluffy package.

Another Otherside’s worthy experiment.

Bentspoke ‘Big Nut’ Black IPA

Bentspoke IPAs are now permanent fixtures in the GABS Top 100, and they’ve maintained that standard and knocked a difficult style out of the ballpark – the dreaded black IPA. For those still coolish nights, the rich chocolatey malt base plays the perfect foil to the resinous, piney hops.

One Drop Brewing Co. Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie Sour

Slightly sweet but with plenty of zip, One Drop have once again executed the Smoothie Sour brewing beautifully. A veritable truckload of zingy raspberries is thrown into the vat, alongside Tahitian vanilla, a hint of cinnamon, and quintessential lactose to produce a lovely Spring drop.

Garage Project ‘Surrender to the Void’ Vanilla Boysenberry Cheesecake

At 11.5%, and packed with a debaucherous amount of vanilla and boysenberries, Garage Project have once again released a beer that has little regard for restraint. If you only sneak in one more dessert beer before the summer, make sure it’s this one.


Happy Spring!

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